What does the AOTA Representative Assembly do?

What does the RA do? The Representative Assembly (RA) is the professional policy-making body of the Association – the “Congress” of the AOTA. And YOU (members of the RA) are the link – to getting your constituents to act on professional issues and concerns. The functions of the RA include being responsible for policies affecting the direction of the profession; this includes:

  • Formulating, debating and voting on motions
  • Charging RA officials, RA bodies, officers of the Association, or the Board of Directors to fulfill approved motions
  • Establishing and charging ad hoc committees
  • Electing RA officials and standing committee chairs

Who is my AOTA Representative?

Nancy Krolikowski, OTR/L
South University

    What is the role of the AOTA Representative?

    • To communicate with members in their election area and serve as the liaison between members and the Assembly/Association.
    • To participate in meetings and other forums (OT Connections)
    • To assist constituents with influencing policies (develop/write motions)
    • To encourage Association membership
    • To work collaboratively to ensure transition of new reps (recruitment, election, orientation, and mentoring) NOTE: The Representative’s focus is on making decisions for the good of the profession and the Association – not just individual members or election areas

    Where can I find more information?

    5101 Monument Avenue | Richmond | VA | 23230
    T: (804) 523-2911

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