VOTA is Virginia's leading organization for occupational therapy practitioners and students. VOTA is committed to advocating for and further developing the profession of occupational therapy in our state.

What does the AOTA Representative Assembly do?

What does the RA do? The Representative Assembly (RA) is the professional policy-making body of the Association – the “Congress” of the AOTA. And YOU (members of the RA) are the link – to getting your constituents to act on professional issues and concerns. The functions of the RA include being responsible for policies affecting the direction of the profession; this includes:

  • Formulating, debating and voting on motions
  • Charging RA officials, RA bodies, officers of the Association, or the Board of Directors to fulfill approved motions
  • Establishing and charging ad hoc committees
  • Electing RA officials and standing committee chairs

Who is my AOTA Representative?

Nancy Krolikowski, OTR/L
South University

    What is the role of the AOTA Representative?

    • To communicate with members in their election area and serve as the liaison between members and the Assembly/Association.

    • To participate in meetings and other forums (OT Connections)
    • To assist constituents with influencing policies (develop/write motions)
    • To encourage Association membership
    • To work collaboratively to ensure transition of new reps (recruitment, election, orientation, and mentoring) NOTE: The Representative’s focus is on making decisions for the good of the profession and the Association – not just individual members or election areas

    Where can I find more information?

    Contact Us8100 Three Chopt Road, OMG Suite 226| Richmond | VA | 23229
    T: (804) 523-2911

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