2 Virginia OTs Earn QMHP Designation

Savanah Howe

Savanah works in acute care at UVA Medical Center, including acute inpatient psychiatry. As an OT in a mental health setting, Savanah works with patients experiencing mental health crises to develop coping and life skills to promote successful return to the community. She is proud of obtaining her QMHP-A designation as it facilitates recognition of the role of OT in promoting mental health in our communities and provides a platform for further advocacy.

Lindsey Sawyer

Lindsey works in pediatric inpatient psychiatry at Virginia Treatment Center for Children with patients who are having acute mental health crises. As an OT in a mental health setting, Lindsey works with patients to develop stress and anger management skills, build assertive communication, and improve self-esteem. She is passionate about and proud of obtaining her QMHP-C designation because mental health is the foundation for our daily success. By addressing mental health at a young age, we can teach crucial skills that will be important for their future."

Congratulations Savanah and Lindsey!!!

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