How do I become a continuing education provider?

In order to process an application, the following documentation should be attached:

  • Outline of program content including course objectives
  • Program schedule including meals and breaks
  • Annotated bibliography to support course content
  • Presenter(s) bio outlining qualifications
  • Sample course evaluation form

(Please do not staple documentation.)

Failure to provide these items will result in the application being incomplete and the approval process will thus be delayed or application rejected. Timeline and application fees are assessed from the date that the fully completed application is received.

Please note that CE activities approved by VOTA will most likely meet regulations set forth by the OT Advisory Board to the Board of Medicine and/or NBCOT. However VOTA’s approval will not protect you in the case of a hearing should you become negligent in meeting CE requirements for either aforementioned party.

Please mail your application, materials, fees, and all attachments to:
Virginia Occupational Therapy Association
ATTN: Continuing Education Committee
6200 Lakeside Avenue
Richmond, VA 23228

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Approved Continuing Education Courses

Accelerated Care Plus Corporation:
Adjunctive sEMG for Dysphagia Rehabilitation (5hr)
Adjunctive sEMG for Dysphagia Rehabilitation (7hr)
Aerobic Exercise for Aging Adults
Chronic Heart Failure and Rehab
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Continence Improvement
Contracture Management
Electrode Application and Safety
Fall Prevention
Group Therapy
Head and Neck PENS
Hemiplegic Gait
Herpes Zoster & Postherpetic Neuralgia
Lower Quadrant Patterned Electrical Muscular Stimulation
Lower Quadrant Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular
Orthotic Therapy
Osteoarthritis of the Knee
Pain Management
PAMS in Subacute Rehab
Physical Agent Modality Basics-Electrotherapy
Physical Agent Modality Basics-Shortwave Diathermy
Physical Agent Modality Basics-Ultrasound
Physical Agent Modality Documentation Recommendations
Post-Operative Hip and Knee Therapy
Progressive Resistance Exercises with Elastic Bands
Residual Limb Therapy
Rheumatoid Arthritus of the Wrist and Hand
Stroke Hand Edema
Stroke Recovery
Therapy Tests and Measures 1 Hour
Therapy Tests and measures 2 Hour
Upper Quadrant Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation
Virtual Reality Augmented Therapy
Wound Healing

Endurance Acute Care Services:
Introduction to Kinesio Taping
Lymphedema Management and Treatment
Management of Person With Neuro Impairment
Physical Agent Modalities

Fall Prevention Trainer, LLC:
Fall Prevention Workshop

Gina Mazure, PT, DPT:
Clinical Documentation and Procedure-Based Treatment Planning

Institute of Advanced Musculoskeletal Treatments:
Dynamic Taping

Jenerations Health Education:
Ethical Challenges of Serving a Self-Neglecting Older Client

LHC Group Education and Leadership Development:
The Balance System: Evidence-Based Evaluation & Intervention of Balance Impairment and Dizziness (OS)
Understanding Balance

Marting Rehab Educations Services:
Trigger Point in Motion.  Increasing Function, Decreasing Pain.

Medical Facilities of America:
Functional Anatomy
Neurological Rehabilitation: It's Not the Same Old Thing Anymore
Pharmacology for Rehab Therapists
SNF Education Symposium
Taping in Rehab Basic Concepts Instruction

National Multiple Sclerosis Society:
Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis: Strategies for Physical and Occupational Therapists

Neurorecovery Unlimited, LLC:
Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist

Organization of Home Care Professionals:
Neurorehabilitation: Evidence Based Tools for the Home Health Practitioner

Basic Splinting for an Inpatient Setting
Beyond Basic Splinting
Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndroms
Electrotherapy: Improving Clinical Outcomes
Taping and Bracing: A Comprehensive Review: Session II
Upper Extremity Kinesiotaping: A Review of Taping Principles and Practical Applications: Session 1

Shelly Mesure-OTG Seminars:
Documenting Medical Necessity

Ultraflex Systems Inc.:
Emerging Orthotic Management Concepts in Neuro-Rehab

Virginia Geriatric Education Center (VGEC):
VGEC Scholars Faculty Development Plan

Virginia Vision Therapy Center:
Vision Related Learning Problems: What OT's Need to Know

William Calautti:
Assessment and Treatment of the Elderly Patient at Risk for Fall

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