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2021 VOTA Annual Conference Keynote Presentation

How Hard Beautiful Miracles Change the World

Marna Pacheco, Founder, CapeAble

Saturday, October 9 - 8:45 am 

Greetings from Indiana. My name is Marna Pacheco. I am an educator, advocate, entrepreneur, and inventor, but ultimately I am a Mom.

As I held my two-year-old daughter in my arms for the first time, I knew that my life would be changed forever. But I did not know how extensive, deep, painful, and challenging the changes would be. I knew we would have surprises, but I thought love would win the day. I was wrong.

Fast forward almost 14 years later, and you will see that love is critical, but it is not enough. We are still in the trenches, trying to find solutions to help our daughter.

Our journey to this point has led us to learn much about the effects of trauma and the operation of the nervous system. Seeking help for my daughter inspired me to invent inventions and the founding of a company.

Our family dynamic was changed forever, in both positive and negative ways. It was the best thing we have done, yet the hardest thing we have done ( and are still doing). We are real, authentic, broken, and strong. I look forward to sharing my story with you.


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